The revealing kite

The tales of Thought contain the following tales: The revealing kite, Tale of love, The jar of gold, The princess of the waters, The good of others, The hat which makes invisible, The tale of the rich man , The king and the barber, The man and the devil, The shirt adorned with diamonds, Aslanzate and Zanpolate, The girl in the trunk, Brother lamb, Fear, The servant lare, Laughs well who laughs last, Talou Orlan, Topal, The Hunter Ahmad, The Dervish and the Daughters, The King's Daughter of China, Pomegranate, Nerso

The revealing kite

The revealing kite

There was a young girl sitting outside her window. A sparrow comes to rest in front of her and says:

– Djilivili; misfortune will befall you. Do you want it big or small?

The girl comes in and says:

  • Mum, a sparrow landed in front of me and said: “something bad will happen to you. Do you want it big or small? " 
  • My child, said the mother, go back to your place, if the sparrow comes back, say to him: “Since misfortune is going to fall on me, let him be small, because a big one, I could not bear it. " 

The girl returns to sit in front of the window. The sparrow returns to land in front of her and says:

– Djilivili, something bad will happen to you. Do you want it big or small?

The girl responds:

– Since misfortune is going to fall on me, let it be small, because a big one, I couldn't bear it.

At the same moment, the girl loses her head, she goes out, she crosses the meadows, the hills, she goes over hill and dale, followed by her mother. They walk, they walk, they arrive in front of a castle. They stop in front of the gate, the door opens, the daughter enters, the door closes, the mother stays outside.

  • Praise be to God, mother and daughter say to each other, is this the misfortune predicted by the sparrow?

The girl enters, she sees a puny young man, mortally wounded, reduced to crumbs, his body riddled with holes. Heartbroken, she approaches, she lifts the young man's head, she puts it on her knees. She no longer sleeps, she watches over the unfortunate for seven years. Only two or three hours were missing for the seven years to be up. And now a gypsy enters. The young girl hires him as a servant.

  • Listen, she says, lay this patient's head on your knees, I'll go out and come back.

The gypsy puts the patient's head on her knees, the young girl goes out. The seven years are over; the curse ends.

Safe and sound, the young man sits down. He places a kiss on the gipsy's forehead and says:

  • Madam, since during these seven years you watched over me and protected me, I am yours and you are mine.

The young man and the gypsy are getting married.

The girl returns, and what does she see? the young man is safe and sound, he married the gypsy. They hire the young girl as a servant.

One day when the young man had to go to the market, the girl said to him:

  • Master, you are going to the market; I have a favor to ask you. Bring me, please, a rescue kite, to amuse me.

The young man searches among all the items on display, he does not see a savior kite.

A trader said to him:

  • Me, I have a savior kite. Here I give it to you. The person to whom you are going to give it is probably very sorry. Try to listen in secret, you will know what his pain is.

The young man hands the kite to the girl, he hides in a dark place and listens.

– Savior kite, listen to me, I want to tell you about my pain, are you going to tear yourself apart or me?I was my parents' darling daughter. I sat down in front of the window. A sparrow landed in front of me and said to me: “something bad will happen to you, do you want it big or small? "I told this to my mother, she told me, if the sparrow comes back, to answer him:" I want it small, because big, I could not bear it ". Kite savior, is it you who's gonna tear you apart or me?

No sooner had I given this answer to the sparrow than I lost my mind, I went out, I crossed the meadows, the hills, I was up and down hill, followed by my mother. We arrived in front of a castle, the door opened, I entered, the door closed, my mother remained outside, I don't know what became of her.

Rescue kite, I entered, I saw a weak young man, mortally wounded, reduced to crumbs, the body riddled with holes, sprawled on the ground. Heartbroken, I sat down next to him, I lay his head on my knees, for seven years I watched over him and protected him, sleeping with one eye open at night. Savior kite, am I going to tear myself apart or you? entrance, I hired her as a servant, I said to her: "Listen, put the head of this patient on your knees, I'm going out and I'll be back".

On my return, I saw that the young man was cured, he was sitting. The gypsy had made him believe that she had watched over and protected him for seven years. The young man had believed her, he had married, and I have become their servant. And now, am I going to tear myself apart or you?

The kite, which had already inflated, tore. It's shattered.

The young man comes out of his hiding place, he runs to place a kiss on the girl's forehead and says: "  You are mine and I am yours! " 

They become husband and wife and kick the gypsy out.

These have made their wishes come true, may yours also come true!