Celebrated on the 24th December or the eve of the winter solstice, Modraniht is also known as Mutternacht, Modranect, Mother's Night.


Modraniht, Mother's Night

Mōdraniht was a Saxon and Anglo-Saxon festival held on Yule Eve. No details of the original festival have survived although it was mentioned by the 8th century historian Bede.

Sacrifices and feasts were quite likely. Maybe it was a new year celebration. Scholars believe that the "mothers" may have been ancestral goddesses, which may have included Valkyries, Norns, and/or disir women.

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On this day, the Anglo-Saxon peoples celebrated Modraniht, the night of the ancestral mother goddesses. There are no reliable sources describing this festival, scholars believe it was also a new year celebration. #mythology #myth #legend #24December #calendar #modraniht #mutternacht

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