Camay Quilla

The Incas had a calendar close to the Gregorian solar calendar. The beginning of the year began with the month of Camay Quilla and its festival.

Camay Quilla inca

Camay Quilla, the start of the Inca year

The calendar inca avait 12 mois de 30 jours, chaque mois ayant son propre festival et une fête de cinq jours à la fin, avant le début de la nouvelle année. L’année inca a commencé en December, et a commencé avec Capac Raymi, le magnifique festival.

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On this day, the Incas began the month of Camay Quilla, religiously marked by Attachment and Penance. There are few sources and documents apart from the Inca calendar. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #January 1st #inca #camayquilla

Camay Quilla Camay Quilla