Me-Dam-Me-Phi is the most important ancestor worship festival of the Ahom religion celebrated by the Ahom people on the 31 January each year in memory of the deceased. It is a festival to show respect to deceased ancestors and remember their contribution to society.


Me-Dam-Me-Phi an Assam feast (India)

The Ahoms have their own principles and faith. From the Chronicles of Ahom, it can be known that when Lengdon, the king of Mong Phi (the heavenly realm), sent two of his grandsons Khunlung and Khunlai to Mong Ri, present Xishuangbanna, at that time Ye-Cheng -Pha the god of knowledge advised them to perform Umpha, Phuralong, Mae Dam Mae Phi and Rik-khwan worship in different months of the year on different occasions to pay homage to the Phi-Dam (ancestral spirit) and the Khwan.

From that day until now Mae Dam Mae Phi has been observed by all Tai-Ahom.

When Mae Dam Mae Phi is publicly observed, worship is offered in the name of three gods and they are Me Dam Me Phi, Dam Changphi and Grihadam. God Dam Chao Phi is associated with the belief of certain natural powers like creation and destruction, water, lightning and storm, sun, moon, learning, diseases, earth, etc.

Le culte est accompli par les prêtres Ahom Deodhai et Bailung en chantant des mantras en langue Ahom. et suivant les codes donnés dans les Manuscrits (books) comme Phralung et Banfi, etc. Dieu Dam Chang Phi est le Dieu ancêtre de la sixième à la quatorzième génération d’une famille.

Grihadam is also the ancestor god up to the fourth generation of a family. Worship to Grihadam is offered in the month of Kati at the time of harvesting the new Ahu rice, in the month of Aghon at the time of harvesting the new Sali Dhan and at the time of three Bihus.

On the day of Me-Dam, the worship of Me Phi is only offered to Chaufi and Dam Chaufi as they are considered gods of the sky. Changphi and Grihadam are not worshiped on this day as they are considered earthly gods.

The Ahoms believe that a man after his death remains as "Dam" (ancestor) only for a few days and soon becomes "Phi" (God). They also believe that a soul of a man who is immortal unites with the supreme soul, possesses the qualities of a spiritual being, and always blesses the family.

So, every Ahom family, in order to worship the dead, establishes a pillar on the other side of the kitchen (Barghar) which is called 'Damkhuta' where they worship the dead with various offerings like homemade wine, eggs with handoh (a kind of rice powder) with various elements of vegetarian dishes.

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