Conte Cheyenne : Race with the Buffalo

Les Cheyennes sont une nation amérindienne des Grandes Plaines, proches alliés des Arapahos et généralement alliés des Lakotas (Sioux). Ils sont l’une des plus célèbres et importantes tribus des Plaines. Voici leur conte : Race with the Buffalo (en).

Race with the Buffalo

Race with the Buffalo

There was a time when all the animals lived in peace, when no one
ate anyone else. All the animals were the same color, because they
had not yet painted their faces.

Buffalo was the largest and strongest of the animals, and he was
getting hungry, He wanted to be the chief of all the animals. He
wanted to draw strength from all the other animals by eating their
flesh. Buffalo wanted to become the eater of all the animals.

The Human People also said that they should become the chief of
all the animals. People wanted to draw strength from all the other
animals by eating their flesh. People wanted to become the eaters
of all the other animals.

Buffalo challenged the Human People to a race, the winner of the
race would become the chief of all the animals. The People said
that they would accept such a challenge, but since buffaloes have
four legs and People have only two, the People claimed the right
to have another animal run the race in the People’s place. The buffaloes

The People chose the Bird People to represent them in the race.
They chose Hummingbird, Meadow lark, Hawk, and Magpie. All the other
animals and birds wanted to join the race, too, each of them thinking
that just maybe they too had a chance to become chief of all the
animals. All the animals took paint and painted the faces for the
race, each according to his or her spiritual vision.

Skunk painted a white strip on himself and his symbol for the race.
Antelope painted himself the color of the earth for the race. Raccoon
painted black circles around his eyes and around his tail. Robin
painted herself brown with a red breastplate.

The race was to be held at the edge of the Black Hills at the place
known as Buffalo Gap. The competitors would race from the starting
line sticks to the turn around stick and then back to the starting
line. All the animals, painted according to their vision, lined
up between the sticks. Among the animals were the Bird People, who
would run the race with their wings for the Human People, and Runs
Slender Buffalo, the fastest runner of all the buffaloes.

The cry was given to begin and all the animals and birds set out
on the race. Hummingbird took the lead, ahead of Runs Slender Buffalo,
but his wings were so small that he soon fell behind. As the animals
neared the turn around stick, Runs Slender Buffalo took the lead.
Then Meadow lark came up beside Runs Slender Buffalo, and the two
went along side by side right into the turn. Runs Slender Buffalo
wheeled around the stick, her hooves thundering, and she pulled
away from Meadow lark, who went wide to make the turn.

The animals in the lead passed the late runners who were still
headed for the stick. Meadow lark fell behind and cheered on Hawk
as he passed her. Hawk gained on Run Slender Buffalo, and it looked
like he might pass her. Her heart was pounding and her legs were
tiring. But Hawk’s wings were tiring also, and he soon fell behind.

Runs Slender Buffalo was nearing the finish line as the winner.
It looked like the Buffalo People would become the eaters of all
the animals!

Then, behind the buffalo woman, wings beating steadily, came Magpie.
She was not a quick starter, but her wing beats were hard and true.
Her heart was strong. Her eyes did not wander from the finish line.
She never looked back. Her wings were wide and she drove herself
forward with beat after beat after beat. All the other animals had
fallen behind. Runs Slender Buffalo looked over at the magpie, but
the magpie never looked away from the starting sticks.

With each beat of her wings she moved past Runs Slender Buffalo
by no more than the length of her bill. At the starting sticks,
many animals began to line up to watch the finish. Raccoon, who
had fallen out of the race early, had returned to the starting sticks.
Now he stood up between the sticks and put out his little hands
for the runners to touch as they passed. He would feel the touch
of whoever was in the lead, and turn toward the winner.

Closer and closer came Runs Slender Buffalo, and some of the animals
feared Raccoon would be trampled. Magpie gradually flew nearer to
the ground so she could brush Raccoon’s little hands as she flew
past. Raccoon did not move, but stared straight at the onrushing
pair. Magpie seemed to be pulling ahead. Runs Slender Buffalo leaned
forward as she ran to touch Raccoon’s hand with her great nose.

Magpie’s wingtip touched Raccoon’s little hand and he turned toward
her and instant before Runs Slender Buffalo thundered past and he
was surrounded by a great cloud of dust. All the animals waited
breathlessly for the dust to settle. At last, there stood Raccoon
with his little hand raised toward the path of Magpie.

The Human People had won the race with the Buffalo!

The Buffalo wandered the great plains and ate grass and the people
became the great hunters, the chief of all animals.