The hat that makes you invisible

The tales of Thought contain the following tales: Tale of love, The jar of gold, The princess of the waters, The property of others, The hat which makes invisible, The tale of the rich man, The king and the barber , The Man and the Devil, The Shirt Adorned with Diamonds, Aslanzate and Zanpolate, The Girl in the Trunk, Brother Lamb, Fear, The Lare Domestic, Laugh Well Who Laughs Last, Talou Orlan, Topal, The Revealing Kite, The Hunter Ahmad, The Dervish and the Daughters, The King's Daughter of China, Pomegranate, Nerso

The hat that makes you invisible

The hat that makes you invisible

This is the story of a boy who wanted to see the world. He walks, he walks, he arrives in a quiet place. At the crossroads of two roads sat an old man who was smoking his pipe with a thoughtful air. Both say “hello” to each other, then the boy asks:

“Bab, where do these paths lead?

The old man replies:

– The one on the right leads to luck, the one on the left to bad luck.

The boy thinks and says to himself:

– I would be silly to go towards bad luck, I take the path of luck.

The old man stays in his place, the boy takes the right path.

He walks, he walks, he arrives in a deep valley. There, he sees two men arguing, insulting each other, fighting.

“My friends,” he said, “why do you fight?

“Good stranger,” said one, “my younger brother and I are arguing because we can't agree on a fair share of our father's inheritance. I say: “this is mine” and say to him: “no, it's mine! " Give us your opinion.

– What is your legacy?

– Well, dear friend, said the other, we have two magic objects: a hat and a staff. If you put on the hat, you become invisible; situ strike with the stick, it leads you where you want. This is our heritage.

“My dear friends,” said the boy, “I want to do you a favor. I take your hat and your stick and you will have no more discussion or argument between yourselves.

- Okay, friend, bless your father, take these evil objects!

The boy puts on the hat, takes the stick and says:

"Hey, stick, take me to the king's castle, to his pretty daughter!"

He leaves. The two brothers, naive, return home, full of deep gratitude to this young man who gave them such good advice and spared them all discussion and argument.

The boy arrives at the king's castle, he enters, he takes off his hat and puts down his staff. The king sees him and asks him:

"How did you get into my castle?"

“My Lord,” said the boy, “I have come to beg you to give me work.

– It's not the job that's missing, said the king, I'll give you a job, but it will be very difficult.

– Give it to me, however difficult it is!

“Well,” said the king, “go to the door of my daughter's castle and see that no one enters it, neither dog nor wolf nor beast nor dragon. If you succeed, so much the better, otherwise I'll have your head cut off.

“I'll do my best,” said the boy.

– God help you! said the king.

The boy walks, God only knows if he walks a long time or not, he arrives on a height where the castle of the king's daughter is. He stands in front of the door, he waits a long time, so long that he gets impatient. He puts on his magic hat and enters the princess' room.

He sees a very young girl sitting, a lighted candle in her hand. She is very beautiful. She does not see the young man. Shortly after, she gets into bed, and falls asleep. At midnight, she opens her eyes, she opens the window, she sees a horrible demon, his mouth in flames, my God, my God! he comes under his window:

"King's daughter," said the demon.

- What ? said the girl

- I came to take you away!

- Or ?

– In my house for you to be my wife

He enters. In the room, the boy sees the horrible demon who picks up the girl, kisses her, takes her to his house where his treasure and his gold are.

– Staff, said the young man, take me to the house of the demon.

In the blink of an eye, the stick takes him there. Here he is in the demon's house. He hears:

“Daughter of the king, this treasure and this gold will be yours. Be my wife!

“Give me time to decide,” said the girl.

- Well, I'll give you until tomorrow. Now I'm going to leave, but listen to me: near my door is a big bone stick. As day approaches, you will lift it up. If you strike three great blows, I will know that you want to be my wife and I your husband. If you knock three light taps, it will mean you don't agree, so I'll come, like a demon, to settle your account!

“Okay,” the girl said.

The demon, very happy, leaves. The girl is left alone. Suddenly, the boy appears in front of her.

– Ah! who are you ? said the astonished girl.

– I am the servant of your father the king, who charged me to defend and protect you

The girl is heartbroken. She says:

– Alas, save yourself, the demon will kill you!

– Do not be afraid for me, the demon cannot approach me. Come quickly, we'll take the demon's treasure and gold, and leave. Staff, take us close to the treasure and the gold!

Then both fly away and arrive at the king's castle.

The king, seeing his daughter, is overjoyed.

“My boy,” he said, “the guardian I sent to my daughter before you couldn't save her head from the demon. You saved your head and brought my daughter back to me. How did you do ?

The boy reveals his secret, then he says:

– O king, long life to you, I brought you back your daughter, I trusted you, on the way we promised each other. What is your will?

– I am of good will, my son, I agree.

The boy says:

– There is still something to do. Until I kill the demon, you won't marry us.

"All right," said the king. God help you!

The boy leaves, he arrives at the demon. He sees the furious, enraged demon. Large flames come out of its mouth and its eyes. There is neither dog nor wolf, neither beast nor dragon, neither stone nor grass, neither water nor earth that does not begin to tremble.

The young man draws his sword, cuts off his head and returns to the castle. The king orders the preparations for the wedding. They make the wedding seven days and seven nights.

These have seen their wishes come true, may yours also come true!