Oyo-Yoruba mythology

The mythology Oyo-Yoruba deals with the Oyo kingdom and the people Yoruba.

the kingdom of Oyo is a former African state, founded in the xve century by the Yorubas, in present-day Nigeria. This kingdom was limited to the west by the kingdom of Dahomey, to the north by the Noupé and to the east by the river Niger.

The kingdom was created by Shango, the first king of Oyo. Oyo State was the most powerful of the Yoruba city-states. Ilé-Ifé is considered the city of origin of all the Yorubas. Here, the Yoruba religion is practiced as in all Yoruba states. In Oyo the deity Ogu was revered. The king bore the title of Yalafin. The kingdom was divided into provinces all ruled by a Oba, who remitted taxes and duties to the king. The Oba, had at their orders a council, made up of war chiefs, spiritual leaders, heads of the various villages of the province, who together ensured the management of the territory. THE'Oba, was chosen by the council.

Oyo-Yoruba mythology

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