Pontic Mythology – Kaskas

The Mythology Pontic – Kaskas describes the myths, legends and stories from Pontic Anatolia.

Pontic Mythology - Kaskas

The Gasgas (or Kaskas, Casquéens, or Kašku in cuneiform) are a people of northern Anatolia in the second millennium BC. J.-C.. Nicknamed "Linen weavers and pig breeders", they settled in the valleys located between the northern border of the kingdom Hittite and the Black Sea, reportedly having a semi-nomadic way of life. The Gasgas have no written language and do not build cities. They are not known by archaeology.

Our knowledge of this people comes above all from sources Hittites found in Hattusha, the capital of this kingdom, in particular royal chronicles and texts containing diplomatic agreements concluded with Gasga tribes.

Initially populated by Casquéens, Pont saw the rise on its coast of the colonies greek of Sinope, Amaseia, Cerasus and Trebizond in the sixth century BC. J.-C.

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