Kato-Wailaki Mythology

Kato-Wailaki Mythology

The mythology Kato-Wailaki brings together the following Native American peoples: Kato, Cahto, Wailaki, Lassik, Nongatl, Sinkyone, Sinkine.

The Kato or Cahto people are a Native American people who lived in eastern California on the Long Valley side, along Blue Rock springs creek between the sources of the two main branches of Eel river. Region of hills and oak groves bordered by streams. Most of them were dry in the summer but torrential in the rainy winters.

The Athabaskans of the Eel River include the Wailaki, Lassik, Nongatl, and Sinkyone (Sinkine) groups of Native Americans who traditionally lived in present-day Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt counties on or near the Eel River and the Van Duzen River to the northeast. western California.

Kato-Wailaki mythology

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