Chinook-Kalapuya-Takelma Mythology

Chinook-Kalapuya-Takelma Mythology

The mythology Chinook-Kalapuya-Takelma includes the following Native American peoples: Chinook, Kalapuya, Calapooia, Calapuya, Calapooya, Kalapooia, Kalapooya, Takelma

The Chinook were Native Americans who lived on the Pacific coast in northwestern North America, where the states of Oregon and Washington are today. Their territory extended mainly along the Columbia River.

The Kalapuyas (also spelled Calapooia, Calapuya, Calapooya, Kalapooia and Kalapooyalisten)) are Native American Indians living in western Oregon. Their traditional territory extends from the peaks of the Cascade Range in the east to the Oregon Coast Range in the west, and from the Columbia River in the north to the Calapooya and Umpqua Mountains in the south. Takelma is often grouped in the subgroup of languages penutians of Oregon with the Kalapuyan languages. But this relationship, which is based on the observation of a common vocabulary.

The Takelma are a Native American people living in Oregon, United States. Their traditional language, takelma, is extinct. Their current territory extends mainly along the Rogue River. Takelma actually means "(those) along the river".

Chinook-Kalapuya-Takelma mythology

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