Wakashan mythology

Wakashan mythology

The mythology Wakashan includes the following Native American peoples: Makah, Nitinaht, Nuuchahnulth, Heiltsuk, Bella-bella, Oowekyala, Haisla, Kwak'wala

The Wakashan languages are a family of Native American languages spoken in Canada, British Columbia and the United States, Washington State. They form a continuous unit along the southern coast of the province, from Vancouver Island to the Olympic Peninsula.

  • Southern wakashan or nootkan group.
    • Makah
    • Nitinaht
    • Nuuchahnulth
  • Northern wakashan or kwakiutlan group
    • Heiltsuk or bella-bella
    • Oowekyala
    • Haisla
    • Kwak'wala or kwakiutl

wakashan mythology

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