Mythology Mbuti Pygmy

The Mythology Mbuti Pygmy concerns all the pygmy tribes of Central Africa: Aka, Sua, Efe (or Mbuti), Batwa, Bakas, Kola, Bongo, Koya, Twa

The terms "pygmy", "indigenous populations" or "peoples of the forest" encompass the various ethnic groups scattered along the equator in many states of present-day Central Africa, ranging from the western part of Cameroon, Gabon, congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, east to Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. These groups of hunter-gatherer-fishermen are today confronted with growing precariousness and their culture is threatened.

The Pygmies are divided into two large groups: a group of the Pygmies of the West and a group of the Pygmies of the East. These two sets diverged about 20,000 years ago. The two would have followed a convergent evolution towards a form of island dwarfism, they are however distinguished by the shape of their respective growth curves. The two groups share common cultural characteristics:

  • Eastern Pygmies, present in Rwanda, eastern DRC and Uganda: this group includes the Aka, Sua, Efe (or Mbuti) and the Batwa
  • Western Pygmies, present in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and DRC: include the Bakas, Kola, Bongo, Koya, Aka and Twa.

Pygmy mbuti mythology

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