Kuba mythology

the Kuba Kingdom, or the Kuba confederation, is a state and political entity, bringing together nearly 20 Bantu peoples, which developed from different Bantu states (including the Luba, the Leele, the Pende, the Dengese and the Wongo). The Mythology Kuba deals with their rhythms and beliefs.

The kingdom is located in Zaire (DRC – congo), Kasaï-Occidental and Sankourou.

King Woto reigned over the kingdom around the 6th century AD and is also its creator according to the legend.

The Ba-Kuba reunited the kingdom during the xviie century. Legend has it that he is their hero "Woto" who is the founder of the Kingdom. He is reincarnated in the body of his sovereign successors. He is supposed to live 121 years.

Around 1630, King Shyaam in Mboul a Ngoong brought back from Bas-Congo the cultivation of corn, cassava, beans and tobacco, weaving, embroidery, new styles of blacksmithing and woodcarving.

The 93e sovereign "Shamba Bolongolongo" learned raffia weaving techniques and woodcarving with neighboring peoples before he came to the throne. He passed on his art to his people and asked a renowned artist to make a statue of him to be remembered for him and his laws. The statue (xviiie century) is considered the first of Kuba art.

Kuba mythology

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