Gao-Songhai mythology

The Mythology Gao-Songhaï regroupe les mythes et legends of Kingdom of Gao andSonghai Empire

The Songhai sont un peuple de la vallée du fleuve Niger vivant principalement du travail de la terre et de l’artisanat. Ils constituent un groupe ethnique important du Mali, du Niger et du nord du Benign.

According to the sources, there are multiple variations in the spelling: Songai, Songay, Songhaïs, Songhay, Songhays, Songhoi, Songhoy, Songhrai, Songhray, Songoi, Sonhrai, Sonhray, Sonrai, Sonray, Sonrhai, Sonrhay.

The Songhai are an ancient people of West Africa. The Songhai Empire experienced significant influence at the end of the xve and at the beginning of the xvie century.

The Songhai Empire was initially a small kingdom stretched along the Niger River. At viie century, it is the kingdom of Gao, becoming thereafter vassal of the empires of Ghana and Mali. It becomes an empire during the xve century. At its peak, the Songhai Empire spanned part of present-day Niger, Mali and part of Nigeria.

Gao-Songhai mythology

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