Akan mythology

The Mythology Akan brings together a group of peoples (Bron, Adjoukrou Ashanti, Baoulé, Agni, Appolo, Attié, Abbey, Abidji, Adioukrou, Alladian, Abouré, Ebrié, Avikam, Tchokossi, Akuapem, Denkyira, Fanti, Wassa, etc.) settled mainly in southern Ghana. The Akans are also settled in Côte d'Ivoire, Togo and Benign (Ewe, Guin, Ané, Adja, Tchokossi/Anoufo, Tchumbuli). The Akan speak the same language, Twi, with many dialectal variants.

When the Portuguese explorers arrived in 1474, these different populations were organized into small independent kingdoms. The supreme office - like that of those responsible for families - is hereditary, transmitted by matrilineal way. It is exercised, in association, by a man and a woman. The Akan are also characterized by their name giving system linked to the days of birth.

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