Mythology of the Cabiric Mysteries

The cult to Mysteries Cabires (from Kabirim, "Mighty gods", or Khaberim, "associate gods") are minor deities in several places in the Greece, and especially in the islands of Samothrace, Lemnos and Imbros.

They were imported into Greece by the Phoenicians, but changed by merging with the divinities of the Pelasgic cult. Originally, the Cabires gods formed a tetrad whose names were: Axiéros, Axiocersos, Axiocersa and Cadmillos or Casmillos. These deities became protectors of navigation.

The high priest of the Cabiric cult, called Eues, received the confession of those who were initiated. The last initiation ceremony, which opened to the initiate the access to the mysteries, was called thronism: the initiate, after having undergone the most terrible trials, was seated on a throne shining with light, his forehead covered with 'a veil, crowned with an olive branch and girded with a sash, while all the priests and mystes, holding hands, performed symbolic dances around him.

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