Basque mythology

The basque mythology (Euskal mitologia) is the collection of myths of Basque origin that have come down to us. Christianized late, the Basques worshiped natural forces such as the sun, moon, air, water, mountains, forests, these taking human forms. The round stelae in Basque cemeteries still often feature the sun, moon and stars. Some current beliefs could date back to the Paleolithic.

Basque mythology

Basque mythology (texts)

Légendes du Tartaro :

Le Heren-Suge, le serpent à sept tête :

Contes sur les animaux :

Basa-Jaun, Basa-Andre et  Lamiñak :

V. – Witchcraft and Sorcery

VI. – Tales Des Fées, (A) Tales Like The Keltic

VI. – Fairy Tales: (B) Derived Directly From The French

VII. – Religious Tales