The Witch of Anboto

Here is the story of the witch of Anboto.

the witch of Anboto

The Witch of Anboto

It is said that, desiring offspring, a nobleman, after many years of marriage without having had children, spent her time in church imploring all the saints in heaven to be the mother of a daughter. It is said that for her relentlessness to give birth to a girl, she spent a good part of her fortune in offerings and donations to the church in order to obtain the grace of God.

It is also said that, for the same reasons, she constantly prayed to the virgin overflowing with fervor. But, it is also said that, tired of not being heard in her prayers by these famous deities, one day she left the temple, full of anger, planted herself in the middle of the porch and, raising her voice to the maximum so that all could hear it. 'hear, shouted in his delirium:

- Neither God nor the virgin nor the saints of heaven listen to my request, I call the devil to ask for a girl, so he will take her to his twentieth birthday!

When we heard him say such a thing, we crossed hastily, some considering it as blasphemy, others dismayed to hear that such absurdity was at the origin of his misfortune.

Better, the neighbors of the lady were scandalized and astonished, dominated by a certain fear when shortly after she announced to be pregnant. Because, indeed, it is said that this woman so eager was pregnant and that the pregnancy was normal during which she had no setbacks, nor the slightest indisposition or illness and that she gave birth to a beautiful little girl, smiling, with Blond hair.

But, one day, to see her so pretty and despite the happiness of being a mother and especially remembering with deep concern these famous words spoken to the devil, decided to do something to protect her daughter.

What did this mother do? They say that she had no other idea than to have a crystal urn made, put the little one in it and spent hours contemplating it. So, day after day, week after week, month after month, for twenty years. And not one more day. On her twentieth birthday and faced with this mother's helplessness, pain and despair, the devil appeared, broke the urn with a deafening crash, grabbed the girl by the hair and took her through the air without anyone , absolutely no one can stop it.

It is said that the devil took the girl to the top of Anboto, to a cave where she was later seen. This cave is said to be the spectacular Sorginkoba (Witches Cave), accessible by seasoned climbers and looks towards the Arrazola Gorge. It is said that the witch in question is none other than the Lady or Witch of Anboto, sometimes seen sitting at the entrance, combing her beautiful golden hair with a gold comb. It is said that sometimes, converted into a fireball, it crosses the firmament towards the coastal territories of Gipuzkoa and when this happened, it was a sign of bad weather.

Of course it is also said that in reality, the story of the woman wishing to give birth to a girl and the urn is a pretty story. What really happened was that the angry mother cast the following curse on her daughter:
“I hope you will fly through the air as many years as there are grains of red beans contained in a fanègue” (capacity measure: 55.5 liters).

Since then the girl spent seven years in Superlaur and seven more in Anboto following a powerful enchantment.