Cornish mythology

The mythology Cornish or Cornish mythology is the folk tradition and mythology of the Cornish people. It consists partly of folk traditions developed in Cornwall and partly of traditions developed by the British elsewhere before the end of the first millennium, often shared with those of the peoples bretons and Welsh. Some of them contain remnants of the mythology of pre-Christian Britain.

There is a lot of traditional Cornish folklore, often tales of giants, mermaids, Bucca, piskies or 'pobel vean' (little people.) These are still popular today, with many hosting events a “droll teller” to tell the stories. The Jack the Giant Killer fairy tale is set in Cornwall. Many firsts legends British associate King Arthur with Cornwall, placing his birthplace at Tintagel, the court of King Mark of Cornwall, uncle of Tristan and husband of Iseult, Cornish's most famous lovers.

Cornish mythology or Cornish mythology

Cornish mythology (texts)

Duffy and the Devil (An Old Christmas Play)

Part First
Part Second

Celtic Monuments Of Boleigh And Rosemodrass
Boleigh or Boleit
Holed Stones, & c
The Last Cardew, of Boskenna, and the Story of Nelly Wearne
Story of Nelly Wearne
The Witch of Burian Church-Town
The Story of Madam Noy
A Modern Sancreed Witch
A Queen's Visit to Baranhual
The Small People's Cow
Tom of Chyannor, the Tin-Streamer
The Fairy Dwelling on Selena Moor

The I'an's House of Treen

The I'ans Quit Treen
Unexpected Visitors
The Proud Pendars
The I'an's Ghosts

Castle Treen and its Legends

The Key of the Castle
Giants of Castle Treen
Dan Dynas
The Small People (Fairies)
St. Levan Witches

Traditions of Pacurno

Legends of St. Levan

St. Levan and His Sister
Johanna's garden
The St. Levan Stone
Parchapel Well

A Legend of Pargwarra
An 'Pee Tregeer's Trip to Market on Hallan Eve
Pendeen of Old
An Overseer and a Parish Clerk of St. Just about sixty years ago
The Fairy Master, or Bob o 'the Carn

A Tinner's Fireside Stories

The Knockers of Ballowal
Tom and the knackers
Old Songs and Nicknames

An Excursion to Chapel Uny Well

The Changeling of Brea Vean

Betty Stogs's Baby
How a Morvah Man Bought Clothes for his Wife
How A Zennor Man Choked Himself, but had his Will in his Pocket

The Smugglers of Penrose

Part the First
Part the Second


West Country Superstitions

Devil's Money
The Slighted Damsel of Gwinear
The Wreck of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel
A Night's Ride to Scilly
Ancient Bridal Customs
Madron Well
The Crick-Stone, or Men-an-tol
The Fairy Tribes
Mermaids and the Hooper
The Wrecker and the Death Ship
The Sun Never Shines on Those Who Have Sworn Away A Life