Cherokee Mythology

The Mythology Cherokee regroupe les peuples amérindiens suivants : Cherokee, Catawba, Catoba, Issa, Esaw

The Cherokees (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ ah-ni-yv-wi-ya in the Cherokee language), are an indigenous people of North America who inhabited the eastern and southeastern United States before being forced to relocate to the Ozark Plateau. Originally, the Cherokees were self-designated Aniyunwiya, mais étaient appelés par les Creeks Tsalagi, a name that they themselves have adopted and deformed over time into Cha-ra-gi and in Cherokee.

Selon leur tradition orale, les Cherokees, parlant une langue iroquoienne, auraient migré vers le Sud-Est des États-Unis depuis la région des Grands Lacs, où l’on retrouve différents peuples iroquois. L’archéologie ne permet de les distinguer des autres amérindiens pendant cette longue période.

The Catawba (in French, the Catobas, also called Issa Where Esaw) are a Native American tribe that originally lived in the Southeastern United States, along the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

Cherokee Mythology

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