Tahitian Mythology - Of The Wind

The mythology tahitienne – îles du Vent désigne les mythes et legends tahitienne de Tahiti et des environs. Les îles du Vent sont un groupe de cinq îles situées à l’est des îles Sous-le-Vent. Les îles du Vent et les îles Sous-le-Vent forment l’archipel de la Société. Elles se composent de quatre îles hautes et d’un atoll :

  • Tahiti,
  • Moorea,
  • Maiao,
  • Mehetia,
  • and the atoll of Tetiaroa.

The name "The Windward Islands" is a translation of the name of the archipelago in Tahitian language: "Te fenua ni'a mata'i", Where "The land in the wind". According to the tradition reported by Marau Taaroa Salmon, wife of Pōmare V, Taaroa created the island, then gave the names of "Hiti nui" to the greater part and "Hiti iti" to the smallest ("large edge" and "small edge"). Then a new marae, built in Punaauia or Papeari, would have been named marae Tahiti or marae Te ara o Tahiti ("the way, the awakening, the vigilance of Tahiti"). The whole island today would bear the name of this marae prestigious

Tahitian mythology islands of the wind

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