Caddo Mythology

The mythology Caddo includes the following Native American peoples: Caddo, Hasinais, Cadodaquious, Natchitoche

The Caddos are a nation, or group of tribes, of Amerindians who, in the XVIe century, occupied much of what became eastern Texas, the west of the Louisiana and parts of southern Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Caddos historically consisted of three confederations of at least 25 different tribes and spoke a variety of dialects of the Caddoan languages.

The Caddos tribes were divided into three confederations, which were linked by a common language: the Hasinese, the Cadodaquious and the Natchitoches. The Hasinese and Kadohadachos occupied eastern Texas and the Natchitoches in northwestern Louisiana. The Haisinese lived on an area stretching from Nacogdoches, Texas, which was originally a caddo settlement, to the Neches River. The Kadohadachos had settled on the area between Lake Caddo and the Red River. The Nachitoches lived around Natchitoches, Louisiana, which was originally a caddo settlement, and in the Cane River valley.

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