Mythology of Greater Iran

In Persian, The world Iranian or Large Iran is called Iranzamin (ایران‌زمین), which means "The land of Iran". Iranzamin was in mythical times opposed to Turanzamin, the "land of Turan", which was located in the northern part of Central Asia.

A founding story of Iranian culture, a mythical and historical epic, the Shahnameh Where Book Kings, was composed in Persian at the beginning of the 11th century by the poet Ferdowsi. The extent of the episodes described, since the creation of the world and the birth of civilization Persian pre-Islamic until the Arab conquest of Iran in the middle of the seventh century, makes it a work without equal in world literature.

Copied and illuminated almost uninterruptedly, it gave birth to a body of several thousand manuscripts and some of the finest miniatures in the history of Persian art.

Mythology of Greater Iran

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