Kurdish mythology

Kurdish mythology Kurdish mythology

The mythology Kurdish includes the myths and legends Kurds and Yazidis. The Kurds have a very rich folklore, which until recent times was mainly transmitted through songs, tales or oral accounts, from one generation to another. Even if some stories of great Kurdish authors were famous throughout Kurdistan, most of the recited and sung stories were only written in the XXe and XXIe centuries. Many of these, however, are traditionally centuries old.

Very varied, Kurdish folklore denotes a great diversity of stories about nature, anthropomorphic animals, chimeras, love, heroes and villains, mythological creatures and everyday life. Some of these mythological figures can be found in other cultures, such as the simurgh, the kaveh from mythology iranian, and the Shahmeran Stories of Anatolia. In addition, some stories may have the sole purpose of educational or religious instruction.

The most recurring element of Kurdish folklore is the fox, which by its cunning and insight triumphs over less intelligent species, even if it happens to lose at its own game. Another recurring theme is the origin of a tribe.

The storytellers officiated in front of their audience, which sometimes brought together an entire village. People came from far and wide to listen to them, and the storytellers themselves visited several villages to share their stories. They were particularly popular during the winter, when entertainment was scarce because the days were short.

Illustrating the heterogeneity of Kurdish groups, some stories are found and known throughout Kurdistan, while others are only specific to a given region, depending on dialect or religion. The Kurdish Jews of Sakho (now extinct) were certainly the best example of this diversity: their storytellers, showered with gifts, are known to have been highly respected throughout the region, thanks to a unique oral tradition. Another example is the mythology of the Yazidis, and the history of the Kurdish Dersims, Turks traditional armenian.

Kurdish mythology

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