Interior Salish Mythology

Interior Salish Mythology

The mythology Salish of the Interior brings together the following Amerindian peoples: Nlaka'pamux, Thompson River Salish, Okanagan, Okanogan, Sanpoil, Colville 

Expression interior salish Where mainland salish (in English Interior Salish) refers, linguistically, culturally or ethnographically, to a subgroup of the Native Salish populations whose native languages or dialects share common characteristics that have resulted in their classification as a Salish language subgroup .

The Nlaka'pamux, commonly called The thompson Where Thompson river salish, are a Native American people living in British Columbia, Canada, and belonging to the Interior Salish group. Their traditional territory includes the part of the North Cascades located in Washington State.

The Okanagan (in Canada) or Okanogan (in the United States), are a population of Native Americans whose territory of origin extends on either side of the border between Washington State in the United States and the province of British Columbia in Canada . In their own language the Okanagans are called "Syilx". The Sanpoil, Hai-ai'-nlma, Ipoilq, Nesilextcl'n, .n.selixtcl'n Where N'pooh it are a Native American tribe from the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State in the United States. The Colville are a Native American tribe from Washington State, United States.

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