Tahitian mythology - Austral

The mythology tahitian – Austral refers to the myths and legends Tahitians from the Austral Islands. The Austral archipelago would not have populated until relatively late in comparison with the other archipelagos of Polynesia. It is probably only XIe century or even XIVe century that the islands would have welcomed their first inhabitants, most certainly from Tahiti, populated long before. However, there has never been a real archaeological excavation that has been undertaken on this subject.

The Austral Islands are made up of a group of five main high islands, and two groups of four islands or islets:

  • Tubuai
  • Rurutu
  • Rimatara
  • Raivavae
  • Rapa
  • Maria Islands atoll
  • Marotiri or Bass islets

Tahitian mythology - Austral

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