Myth of creation Nasa Paez

here is the Myth of the Nasa-Paez creation

Nasa-Paez creation myth

Nasa-Paez creation myth

At first, the great spirits, living in the same house as the Great Spirit, were in constant conflict: the sun was scorching, the water was flooding. Then he offered to meet in another house and they did.

They reproduced and created plants, animals, minerals and nasa (people), thus the middle world or this world was born. Dry (the sun) was nice, he tried to talk to people but burned them, so they decided to catch him and send him to space where he lives today, but he rolled to the earth ; they captured it again to bring it back to its place, in this attempt it broke in two, the lower part was buried in the earth and became volcanoes of fire, the upper part returned to the space and continue to look at us. The water that flooded everything was guided by the " Great mind ".

The spirits continued to generate more life, as the earth was weak, gelatinous, they gathered male and female stones to reproduce and give it firmness.

Four houses and four roads were formed: the main house of the " Great mind ", the house of the oldest children, the house of the youngest, where the nasa, the animals, the vegetables and the house of the Yu 'Khipmenas, "the tápanos", the tailless men who live underground.