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The mythology Numique du Nord et Ouest includes the following Native American peoples: Shoshone, Snakes, Serpent People, Mono, Païute, Piute, Bannock, Banate

The Shosones are a Native American Indian people of the United States. Also called Snakes Where Serpent people, they are close to the Paiutes, the Comanches and Utes.

The Mono are Native American Indians living in the Sierra Nevada, the Mono Basin and adjacent territories of the Great Basin.

Word Païute, sometimes Piute, refers to two close groups of Native Americans: the northern Paiute who lived in California, Nevada and Oregon, and the Southern Paiutes in Arizona, southeastern California and Nevada, and Utah. 

The Bannocks Where Banates are a Native American people who traditionally lived in the northern part of the Great Basin, that is, southeastern Oregon and southern Idaho. They speak the northern pagan language and are related to the northern pagan tribe. Some ethnologists consider them to be part of the most northern pagan bands. The Bannocks have developed a culture of the horse in strong relation with the Shoshone of the North.

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