Louvite Mythology

The mythology Luvite (or luwian in English) was the religious and mythological beliefs and practices of the Luwians, an Indo-European people of Asia Minor, which is traceable from the Bronze Age until the early Roman Empire. It has been heavily influenced by foreign influence in all eras and it is not possible to clearly separate it from neighboring cultures, especially Syrian and Hurrian religion.

louvite mythology

Louvite's pantheon has changed over time. Two periods can be distinguished: the Bronze Age period and the Iron Age period. 

Contrary to religion Hittite, the Luvites were not strongly influenced by the religion of Hatti. In the Iron Age there was also direct influence from Babylonian religion (e.g. Marutika = Marduk) and Aramaic religion (Pahalat = Baalat/Baltis), especially in the way the gods were depicted.

Louvite mythology (texts)