The executioner of John the Baptist

Here is the story of the Executioner of John the Baptist, of the legend of Mogh ruith.

Executioner of John the Baptist

The Executioner by John the Baptist

Ashkelon, the royal seat,
In which the great deed was committed;
There, without duration was the glory,
The noble John was killed.

"What a bad woman among you
Will take charge of my decapitation?
Not a single one in the east or the west,
Blood of foreigners or Gaels.

"O Jean with beautiful blond hair,
There is a Gael above all the others;
His home is far to the west,
In the lands of the men of the West. " 

"I ask a favor from Christ who loves me",
Said the noble John,
"May no gracious Gael obtain
Food, nor clothing in any case. " 

Without mercy, Mogh Ruith said,
"Give me his own clothes,
And I'm going to cut off his head
For the prosperity of the men of Ireland. " 

So John was beheaded,
The Gael will receive sufferings;
Lots of silver and gold
Were put under the head, in Ashkelon in the east.