Osage-Kaw mythology

The Mythology Osage-Kaw includes the following Native American peoples: Osage, Kaw, People of the Wind, Kaza, Kanza, Kosa, Kasa

The Osages are a tribe of Native Americans living in the United States, primarily in Osage County, Oklahoma. In Osage language, the Osages call themselves " Wazházhe Which means "children of the middle water".

The named tribe Kaw has also been called the People of the Wind (Wind People), KazaKanzaKosa and Kasa. The name of the US state of Kansas is derived from the name of this people. Under the French regime, this tribe was called the Cansez.

The Kaws are close relatives of the Osage tribe.

Osage-Kaw mythology

Osage-Kaw mythology (texts)

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