Serious Mythology

The mythology Serer brings together the Serer people and their religion called The Way of the Divine.

The Serer (or "Serer", "Sereer", "Serere", "Seereer", and sometimes wrongly "Serre") are a people of West Africa, especially present in the center-west of Senegal, the south of the Dakar region to the Gambian border. They form, in number, the third ethnic group of Senegal, after the Wolofs and the Fulanis. The Serers are one of the oldest populations in Senegambia.

The Serer religionTo ƭat Roog ("The way of the divine"), brings together the religious beliefs, practices and teachings of the Serer people living in the Senegambia region. The Sererians believe in a supreme universal deity called Rog (or Roog). Among the cangins peoples, Rog is designated as Kooh (Where Koox), Kopé Tiatie Cac, Kokh Kox, etc.

Serer religious beliefs are based on ancient songs and poems; they include veneration and offerings to saints, former Sereres, as well as ancestral spirits (Pangool), but also astronomical and cosmological beliefs, initiation rites, medical practices and a history of the Serer people. Rog is both everywhere and nowhere. This is the reason why there is no house of Rog. The Sereres pray Rog - through intercessors -, but do not make animal sacrifices directly to Rog.

Serer Mythology Serer The way of the Divine.

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