Ojibwe Story: A Coyote Story

The term Ojibwe comes from Utchibou, name given to the XVIIe century to a group who lived north of what is now Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Here's one from their tale: A Coyote Story.

The Ojibway were part of a series of very close, but distinct groups, occupying a territory located between the northeast of the bay Georgian and eastern Lake Superior. These peoples who gathered near present-day Sault Ste. Mary are also called Saulteaux, a term that today refers primarily to the Ojibway peoples of northwestern Ontario and southeastern Manitoba.

Ojibwe A Coyote Story

A coyote story

This is a traditional story from the Ojibwa.

Coyote was walking along a lake and saw a flock of ducks, which
put him in the mood for a good duck dinner. So he stuffed a bag
full of grass and walked past the ducks, stepping lively and singing
a catchy tune. “Where are you going? »Asked one of the ducks.

“I am going to a circle,” Coyote replied. "What's
in the bag? »Asked the duck.

“Songs that I am bringing to the circle,” Coyote replied.

"Oh, please sing your songs for us," the ducks all said.
"I'm very busy"

“Please please, please, please…” “I'm running
late, ”“ Please, please, please please… ”. Oh, alright.

I'll sing a song for you, but I need your help. All of you stand
in three lines. The fattest ones in the front, those in the middle
who are neither fat nor thin, and the thin ones in back.

All of you close your eyes and dance and sing as loud as you can.
Don't anyone open your eyes or stop singing, because my songs are
very powerful and if you do that you may go blind! Is everyone ready? "
“We are! »Replied the ducks, and they fell into lines
and began dancing and singing along with Coyote's tune.

Coyote moved up and down the line, thumping the ducks on the head
and stuffing them into his bag. The ducks were singing and dancing
so hard that no one could hear the thumps or know what was happening.

This would have gone on till none were left, if not for one scraggly
duck in the back who opened his eyes and saw what was going on.
“Hey, he's going to get us all! Cried the scraggly one.

At this, the other surviving ducks opened their eyes and made their
getaway. Coyote wasn't too upset; he already had a lot of ducks
in his bag. He went home and ate good for a good while.

The ducks went home and mourned their dead, and gave thanks to
The Great Duck that one of them had been wise enough to open his
eyes, and that the rest of them had been wise enough to listen to
the one who gave warning.