Northern Hokane Mythology

Northern Hokane Mythology

The mythology Hokanes of the North brings together the following Amerindian peoples: Achumawi, Atsugewi, Karuk, Karok, Shasta, Maidu

THE'achumawi is a Native American language of the Palaihnihane language family spoken in the United States, in the far northeast of the California, along the Pit River.

the karuk (Where karok) is an isolated language spoken in the United States, in the far northwest of California, along the Klamath River.

The Shastan languages are a family of Native American languages spoken in northern California. The Shastanan languages have been attached to the hypothetical Hokan language family. William Bright, Mary Haas and Silver grouped them into a northern hokan, with chimariko, karuk, yana and the Palaihnihan languages. A particular link with the latter, proposed by Dixon in 1903, is now rejected.

The Maidu were a people who lived in what is now northern California, in the western United States, and who made a living from hunting and gathering.

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