Ohlone-Miwok-Yokuts Mythology

Ohlone-Miwok-Yokuts Mythology

The mythology Ohlone-Miwok-Yokuts includes the following Native American peoples: Ohlone, Costanoan, Miwok, Yokut, Mariposan.

The Ohlones, sometimes named Costanoans, are a Native American people of northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area (the term Ohlone signifying People of the west).

The Ohlone settlement extended over the San Francisco Peninsula, the Santa Clara Valley, the Orient Bay, the Santa Cruz Mountains, Monterey Bay, and the Salinas Valley.

The Miwoks are a people who lived in the north of present-day California, in the western United States. Word Miwok means "people. There are three miwok groups:

  • the Miwok of the plains and western Sierra Nevada
  • the Miwok of the Pacific Coast
  • the Miwok of Lake Miwok.

The Yokut, formerly called Mariposans, are a Native American ethnicity living in central California.

According to the first immigrants and settlers of European origin, the Yokuts were made up of about sixty tribes speaking a single language.

Ohlone-Miwok-Yokuts mythology

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