Chumash-Salinan mythology

The Mythology Chumash-Salinan include the following Native American peoples: Chumash, Salinan

The populations of Asia who were settled in California before the arrival of the Spaniards were rather varied, in the sense that there were about a hundred different languages. These peoples could be nomadic as well as sedentary. They lived by hunting, fishing and picking fruits and acorns. Among these indigenous peoples, the Chumashs are highlighted, who would have been estimated at around 8,000 divided Amerindians.

The Chumash are a Native American people who lived mainly along the southern California coast, around the present-day towns of Santa Barbara and Ventura. It also occupied the three islands north of the Channel Islands. Current places that have chumash origins are: Malibu, Point Mugu, Piru, Lake Castaic and Simi Valley. The territory of Salinans extended over the present-day counties of San Luis Obispo, Monterey and possibly San Benito, between the Pacific Ocean and the Salinas River.

Chumash Salinan Mythology

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