Arizona Pimic Mythology

The Mythology Pimic of Arizona includes the following Native American peoples: O'odham (papago) and pima, Pima bajo, North Tepehuan, Southeast Tepehuan, Southwest Tepehuan

THE'o'odham (formerly known as papago Where pima) is a Southern Uto-Aztec language from the branch of the Pimic languages spoken in the United States and Mexico, southern Arizona, and northern Sonora.

the pima bajo (nom Spanish de la langue, que l’on peut traduire par bas-pima) est une langue uto-aztèque du Sud de la branche des langues pimiques parlée au Mexique, dans les États de Sonora et de Chihuahua.

Pima Bajo is closely related to O'odham and should not be confused with Pima, which is a dialect of O'odham.

The Yaquis Where Yoeme are Native Americans who were originally established in the Río Yaqui Valley in the northern Mexican state of Sonora and in southwestern Arizona, United States. The Yaquis were called "Yoeme" among themselves, which is the term yaqui for a person ("yoemem or yo'emem meaning" people "). The Yaquis called their country Hiakim, a word that some see as a possible origin of the name of this people.

Arizona Pimic Mythology

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