Adventures of Mogh Ruith

Here are the adventures of Mogh ruith.

adventures of Mogh Ruith

Adventures of Mogh Ruith

Cacht, the daughter of Catmand of the Britons in the Isle of Man.

His mother was taken captive. The total of 50 girls were distributed across Ireland. Cacht went to the house of Roth mac Righuill, King of Ireland, and she was there in constant bondage and slavery. A wise man lived with the king, namely Cuindeasg mac Fhirglain of the clan of Fergus mac Rossa of Ulster. Cuindeasg caused the slave girl to become pregnant with him. On the night Cacht gave birth, the Druid said that the name of the son, who was born that night, would be heard all over Ireland and famous. Roth said, “My name is what he gets. Therefore, this was the name given to Mog Ruith. He was then brought up and learned science with the king and became a sage. He found the teaching there and went to Scathach, a warrior, to learn the craft of arms, until he was a master.

There, a Druid said to him, "If this was the Druidic art you had learned today, your name would be famous throughout Ireland." – "I will learn it," declared Mog Ruith. He learned it, when he was a (famous) Sage in Ireland. He then went to the druid Simon, to learn with him. And he had left his pregnant wife in Darbrui, namely Dron, daughter of Oengus mac Echach Lairen (and his son,) namely Buan, and it was of (his son) Fercorp, that his wife was pregnant. Mog Ruith spent thirty-three years with Simon. So he gouged out one of his eyes when he slaughtered a calf in the snow in the mountains of the Alps. And the other eye was blinded when he held the sun for two days in Darbri, so that he made one day with two. From there he mutilated one of his eyes (= the other), so that he was blind. .

Then he returned to Ireland (and went) until he reached Dairbriu. He (had) a boy with him. (The boy) looked around the house from behind. Mog Ruith asked, "What is the woman doing?" "-" She is sitting on the chair and a handsome young man is with her and they are pleasant to each other, "said the young boy. “Bring me the ax,” Mog Ruith said. “I'll take the ax,” the boy said, “if everyone is asleep. He was (about) to kill his own son. However, they waited patiently for three days and three nights. On the last night Mog Ruith asked, "What are they doing here," he said, he replied, "Thirty-three years (have passed)," they say, "until tonight, since our father left us. Never before has he looked for (our) community. As for me and my mother, she never went with a man, and I took no wife. So he went and approached the fire. The woman then recognized and as well as his limbs, and she put a robe around him. He was the High Druid of all of Ireland at the time, and so it was from him that Fiachra Muillethan mac Eogain and the People of Munster sought advice during the siege of Drom Damgaire.