Natchez-Tunica-Biloxi mythology

The Mythology Natchez-Tunica-Biloxi regroupe la mythologie des Natchez, des Tunicas et des Biloxis.

The Natchez are a Native American people who lived in the area of present-day Natchez in Mississippi. Around 1730, after several wars against the French, the Natchez were defeated and dispersed. Most of the survivors were either enslaved by the French or found refuge among other tribes, such as the Chicashas, Creeks and Cherokees. Today, most of their descendants are found in Oklahoma, among members of the Cherokee and Creek Nations.

The Tunica-Biloxi form a Nation made up of two main tribes, the Tunica and the Biloxi. The Tunicas living more on the west bank of the Mississippi in the current territory of Arkansas and the Biloxi living more on the east bank of the Mississippi in the current state of Mississippi. Many of them descend from the Yazoo (Tunica), Ofogoulas, Sioux, Avoyelles (Natchez) and Muskogean (Choctaw) tribes.

The Chitimachas are originally from eastern Texas. They then migrated to the Natchez area, before settling in their historic homeland, the south coast of French Louisiana, where they lived for 2,500 years.

Natchez-Tunica-Biloxi mythology

Natchez-Tunica-Biloxi mythology (texts)