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The Mythology Numique du Sud Ute includes the following Native American and Central American peoples: Ute, Kawaiisu, Moache, Soft top, Uncompahgre, White River, Uintah, Pahvant, Timanogot, San Pitch, Moanumts, Sheberetch,  Weeminuche

The digital languages are a branch of the Uto-Aztec languages spoken in the western United States.

The Utes are a group of ethnically related Native Americans living primarily in Utah and Colorado. Before the arrival of white pioneers, the Utes occupied significant territories in what is now eastern Utah, western Colorado, and parts of New Mexico and Wyoming. They never constituted a single group but rather numerous nomadic groups who maintained strong associations with their neighbors. 

Among the largest groups are the Moache, Capote, Uncompahgre, White River, Uintah, Pahvant, Timanogots, San Pitch, Moanumts, Sheberetch and Weeminuche. Unlike other groups in the region, there is no tradition or evidence of migration: it appears that the ancestors of the Utes have occupied their territory for at least a thousand years.

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