Myth of the creation of Khevsur / Pshav

here is the myth of the creation of Khevsur Pshav.

creation myth of Khevsur Pshav

Creation myth of Khevsur Pshav

In the beginning, only Morige Ghmerti and his sister existed. She made him unhappy, so he cursed her. The sister has become a demon. For every good thing that Morige Ghmerti has created, the demon has created a bad thing to spoil/oppose it.

The woman was also a creation of the demon, as were the lesser demons (Georgian: დევი, translit.: Devi), while man and the small gods were creations of Morige Ghmerti. The lower gods grew weary in their ceaseless fight with the demons and fled to the upper world of Zeskneli, leaving behind men. Men however did not have the power to resist demons, hence the lesser gods (Georgian: ღვთის შვილნი, translit.: Ghvtis shvilni) tracked down the demons and drove them underground to the underworld of Kveskneli. The demons left behind the women who, like them, were part of the wicked creation.

Men and women are therefore only emanations or substitutes for the gods above and the demons below, respectively. The same principle applies to all created things: the entities and substances of the universe are divided into two antagonistic series, one savage and demonic, the other social and divine. The only entities or substances that are truly real are those of the upper world of Zeskneli and the lower world of Kveskneli. The intermediate world inhabited by humans is therefore only a place of passage, mediation and encounter and the beings who populate it have no essence in themselves, being only emanations from the divine worlds. or subterranean, or of their unions.

This creation myth Georgian somewhat reminiscent of that of the Zoroastrians, in that it involves the marriage of the good creation of a creator benign by an evil spirit (compare Angra Mainyu's attempts to spoil the creation of Ahura Mazda) . It differs radically, however, in its attribution of gender to the principles of good and evil and even more distinctly in its view of a primordial celestial harmony of twin creative principles as a brother and sister couple with the disruption of this incestuous union setting in motion creation, with all its misfortunes.