Trojan Mythology

The mythology Trojan describes the myths, legends and religion in inhabitants of Troad, the Trojans and the Dardanians.

trojan mythology

Troy is depicted as a mighty kingdom of the Heroic Age, a mythical time when monsters roamed the land and gods interacted directly with humans. The city is said to have ruled the Troad until the Trojan War led to its complete destruction at the hands of the Greeks. The story of its destruction was one of the cornerstones of mythology and literature greek, featured prominently in the Iliad and Odyssey, as well as many other poems and plays.

His legacy played an important role in society Greek, many prominent families claiming descent from those who had fought there. In Archaic times, a new city was built on the site where the legendary Troy was believed to have stood. In classical times, this city became a tourist destination, where visitors left offerings for legendary heroes.

The Dardanoi (its modern terms being Dardanians or Dardans) were a legendary people of Troad, located in northwestern Anatolia. The Dardanoi were descendants of Dardanus, the mythical founder of Dardanus, an ancient city in Troad. A contingent of Dardanians are among Trojan allies in the Trojan War.

Trojan mythology (texts)

Title Presumed date (av. J.-C.)Narrative
Cyprian songsStasinosvie centuryOrigin of the war (marriage of Peleus and Thetis, judgment of Paris) and his first nine years
IliadHomerviiie centurySince the withdrawal ofAchille until the funeralHector
ethiopideArctinos of Miletusviiie centuryFrom the arrival at Troy of Memnon until the death of Achilles
Little IliadLesches of Pyrrhaviiie centurySharing Achilles' arms and introducing the Trojan horse in the city
The Sack of TroyArctinos of Miletusviiie centuryThe capture of Troy, until the sacrifice of Polyxene
ReturnsHegesiasAgias of TroezenEumelos of Corinthviiievie centuryThe return of Greek heroes to their homes
OdysseyHomerviiie centuryThe quest for Telemachus, the story of the return ofUlysses and the massacre of the suitors of Penelope
TelegonyEugammon of Cyrenevie centuryContinuation of theOdyssey : last adventures of Odysseus until his death

Deities: Olympian deities • Eris
Achaeans : Helen
 • Menelaus • Agamemnon • Clytemnestra • Iphigenia • Achille • Patroclus • Neoptolemus
 • Calchas • Nestor • Diomede • Ajax the Great • Ajax the Little • Ulysses • Penelope • Telemachus
Trojans and their allies: Priam
 • Hecuba • Paris • Hector • Andromache • Cassandra • Sarpedon • Glaucos • Rhesos • Aeneas • Memnon • Penthesilea and the Amazons • Laocoon