Crow-Hidatsa-Mandan mythology

The Mythology Crow-Hidatsa-Mandan includes the following Native American peoples: Crow, Ravens, Absaroka, Absaalooke, Hidatsa, Big Belly of the Missouri, Mandan

The Crows, also called RavensAbsaroka Where Absáalooke, are a Native American tribe that historically lived in the Yellowstone River Valley.

The Hidatsas also called Fat Belly Missouri or Minnetarees (Where Minnetaris) are a Native American tribe native to Dakota North. They were allies of the Mandan, with whom they grouped themselves within the Mandan Nation, Hidatsa and Arikara.

The Mandans are a Native American people who historically lived on the shores of the Missouri and two of its tributaries, the Heart River and the Knife River, in present-day North Dakota and South Dakota. Speakers of Mandan, a Siouan language, the Mandans whose particularity was to have created permanent villages were distinguished from other tribes of the Great Plains region who led a nomadic existence by following the herds of bison.

These permanent settlements were made up of round dwellings, mud huts surrounding a central plaza. While buffalo hunting was originally the mainstay of the Mandan's daily life, the resources it provided were later supplemented by agriculture and trade.

Crow-Hidatsa-Mandan mythology

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