The palmistry of the Strega

The Strega practice the art of Palmistry.

palmistry and strega

Palmistry and Divination

Divination has been an Art associated with witches for a long time and with good reason. We develop the power of second sight thanks to tools such as the crystal ball or the tarot cards, but in the past these tools did not necessarily exist... Then, what is the power of divination? What does it consist of?

Divination is generally seen as the clairvoyance of future events through the use of various tools, such as crystals, tarot cards, runes and others. In the Italian system of practice, we see divination as what will likely happen if nothing and no one does anything to prevent what will happen.

In other words, Strega does not believe that what it can see through these tools is fixed in time and space. She believes that the role of divination is to predict the results of this or that event, allowing her to make the necessary changes to change these future events, or to accept them if she cannot change anything.

If the future were fixed and unchangeable, then divination would be rather unjustified, serving no other purpose than to enable the reader of the future to prepare for their destiny. Fortunately, the powers-that-exist are much more compassionate: we are given the chance to change the course of things by being warned of how they will happen if we do not act.

The oldest form of divination still used by the majority of Strega is the divinatory runes. Second is the use of cards, followed by the use of oil and water. Certainly, the observation of omens and signs of Nature in time precedes these techniques, and there have certainly been others, but we will content ourselves with these.

La Strega believes that everything before appearing in the material world that we know, already existed under an astral plane. On a worldly level we can compare this to a thought arising before an action takes place. From an occult perspective, the energies created stimulate the astral substance and forms begin to take shape, reflecting the desired result.

Thoughts literally become things in the astral dimension. Through the arts of divination we can look at these energies and discern the images which form and move accordingly towards their manifestation in the material world.

In Italian witchcraft, astrology indicates the stellar "impression" on a soul when sustained in a physical body. In the mythology Italian, the kingdom of Alster is the stellar dimension in which the gods dwell. There also resides the community of souls who have completed the cycle of rebirth (lives and deaths) in the physical world.

The astrological impression is a reminder to the soul of the lessons awaiting in current physical existence. Astrology depicts the strengths and weaknesses that the soul carries within a particular experience of life. However, among the Strega, the models will freely surpass one star. Therefore, in Stregheria, astrology becomes a tool for reflection and self-corrections only.

The chakras

Chiromancy, for Strega, is linked to psychometry (the art of receiving impressions, flashes through touch). The energy, influenced by the chakras, shapes the shape of an individual's aura. The chakra system comes from Eastern mysticism. Each chakra – there are seven main ones – is linked to one of the seven dimensions of the occult universe.

The chakras send and receive energy and form the dimensions with which they are associated, and therefore, the aura contains information about the individual and their connection to the dimensions that exist. See the figure below and the associations of occult and physical dimensions which attach to each chakra.

Base Chakra: located at the level of the pubis, is the energy center and represents the spiritual plane.

* Sacral chakra: located below the navel, is the center of personal power and represents the physical plane.

* Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the middle of the ribs, is the center of power and represents the divine blueprint.

* Heart Chakra: Located at the level of the heart, but still in the middle of the body, is the emotional center and represents the elemental plane.

* Throat Chakra: located at the level of the throat, is the vibrational belly and represents the mental plane.

* Third Eye Chakra: located between the eyebrows, is the psychic center and represents the astral plane.

* Crown Chakra: located a little higher than the forehead, is the divine center, represents the ultimate plan.

hand line

Holding a person's hands to read them allows the reader to see the energy flowing from the person's aura. The lines on the palms of the hands are representations of the energy of the aura – symbols of its past, present and future manifestations. These lines give a sort of summary of the person's life experience. The diviner who reads them has access to the astral memory, to the imprints of present energy, to possible future manifestations just by contact with the aura of this person and their physical body.

“Palmistry takes into consideration many aspects of the hand to correctly interpret the signs. The lines of the hand do not allow a complete interpretation. This is why we must add the texture of the skin, its color, the length and width of the palm, the size of the fingers, etc. The depth and length of a sign asserts its character. For example, a deep and long line is positive. On the other hand, cuts and the disappearance of a line at certain points of the hand indicate a negative void.

Each finger of the hand indicates the individual's potential: the thumb corresponds to strength of character, the index finger corresponds to ambition and leadership, the middle finger corresponds to virtue, the directory corresponds to imagination and the little finger corresponds to sociability. Each mountain is indicative of the individual's temperament.

The mount of Venus denotes sensuality, the mount of Jupiter denotes business acumen, the mount of Saturn denotes a sense of responsibility, the mount of Apollo denotes artistic sense, the mount of Mercury denotes a sense of communication and Lunar mountain denotes the sense of romanticism. The thickness of the mountain determines the affirmation of a meaning: the more visible a word is, the more the meaning that corresponds to it is developed in the individual.

Each line of the hand is significant of the personality of the individual:
The life line indicates the intensity and rhythm of the person's life, the heart line denotes the confidence that the person has in himself, the head line indicates the intelligence and adaptability of the individual and the line luck reveals personal successes. When a hand line is strongly marked this is positive for the individual. Crosses and stars located on the lines indicate periods of trouble. On the other hand, squares should be interpreted in a positive way.”

divination by fire

The light of the fire or the way it burns are also two ways to practice divination. Before lighting it, tradition dictates that one should say the following:
“Fire, blessed fire, My house awaits fortune and always comes to you with hope that its wish for good fortune will come true thanks to you!”

To begin, you establish what you want to know. This ritual must be performed in a fireplace. If the fire has difficulty starting or its flames are weak, this is a very bad sign. Otherwise, study the flames as you ponder the subject of your question. There aren't really any standard answers, but you will know how to interpret the signs when they present themselves, if you pay attention.

Another type of fire divination uses an effigy of Befana. It can be a wooden puppet representing Befana, she must be holding cattails. The hollow figure is stuffed with grapes, dried figs, chestnuts, pears, apples, carob, etc. A pyre is then established in a conical pile, six to seven meters high. Cut wood is placed on the bottom of the pile. Blackberries are laid out, then horse chestnuts and finally straw.

When everything is ready, Befana is opened, sawed and all its ingredients are scattered to the celebrants. Afterwards, the effigy is burned on the pyre. Simple answer questions such as yes or no are asked while the fire burns, and popping chestnuts indicate a yes answer. The way the sparks fall can also be interpreted.

Ascending bursts indicate abundance, those going to the right indicate an important upcoming event while those going to the left announce loss. A shower of sparks aimed at a person means that he will be in danger.