The Akelarre of Soria

This is the story of the Akelarre de Soria.

Akelarre from Soria

Akelarre from Soria

In a village in the province of Alava, there was a couple without children. Things, aside from their loneliness, were still looking good on them. Until one night, around midnight, the woman silently left the marriage bed. This happening on several consecutive nights, the husband decided to spy on her, very alarmed.

Thus, when the wife getting ready for another of these mysterious outings, the husband, who pretended to be asleep, followed her discreetly to the kitchen. There he saw how his wife smeared her face with ointment and, once this operation was finished, said:
- "Por encima las zarzas y matas, a los praus de Barahona!" "
- (Over the brambles and plantations, near Barahona!)
That said, it disappears without leaving a trace.

Very intrigued, the husband decides to imitate him. To do this, like her, he coated his face with ointment and immediately said:
- "Por entre zarzas y matas, a los praus de Barahona!" "
- (Through brambles and plantations, near Barahona)

Not realizing his mistake in a very important word, he also arrived near Barahona. Yes, but instead of making the trip near the clouds, like his wife, he made it through the brambles and thorns, his face scratched and bloody.

But the most curious thing is that, seeing his arrival with his face so damaged, his wife, like the other witches who were gathered there, began to laugh at him without any consideration and without showing the slightest attention or the slightest help.