Brinna Ferchertne

This is the story of Brinna Ferchertne, from the red branch of the mythology Irish.

Brinna Ferchertne

Brinna Ferchertne

1. I see two Dogs fighting valiantly fighting in a glorious fight:
Cuchulainn brags about the death of Curoi, son of Dare.

2. The Eraind took Erin, many were their families,
They captured a safe province as far as Usnech en Meath.

3. Many battles they fought, bold were the troops,
They slept one night in Tara during their walk towards Emain Macha.

4. This was one of Curoi's exploits when he killed Fliuchna the champion:
This was the origin of his misfortune when he carried off Iuchna's cows.

5. When he had insulted the Ulates, a long story to tell,
After the party, in a coracle of skin, he took Blathnait from Cuchulainn.

6. Cuchulainn was in search, a whole year, which he spent in silence,
Until he found the right direction to the town of Curoi.

7. When his wife betrayed Curoi, bad was the act she committed,
Although she did not come out unscathed, she left the Erainds in disgrace.

8. Blathnait, Menn's daughter, by treason provoked the massacre of Argat-Glenn:
A bad deed for a wife to betray her husband, since ***

9. She tied her hair to the bars and pillars of the bed, that's the cruelest story!
Curoi rose up against them, it was the revolt of a champion.

10. About a hundred men fell when he jumped after he was tied to bars,
Three times fifty men on the one hand, and fifty with bloody wounds.

11. However Cuchulainn came upon him with his own sword,
And left him on a litter on the shoulders of six noble men.

12. They came by the mountains, they avenged Fliuchna the champion.
In addition to taking their ***, they took the cows from Iuchna.

13. Senfiaccail Setnach came, worn and decrepit were his bones,
Quickly he got reinforcements after the destruction of Mac Dare's life.

14. Likewise the prince's herald, he was good at the height of the battle,
He shot fifty armed men, then let himself be shot.

15. The blind Tredornan threw himself on Ulster's army, and it was not long,
A famous stone of strength, no stupid cry! he killed three dozen warriors.

16. The fight of Eochaid son of Darfind, its end is in the valley,
It is little known to those who are asked who put the slingshot stones there.

17. The fight of Eochaid son of Darfind, from the promontory as far as the valley,
He killed a hundred men in fair combat until an overwhelming force fell on him.

18. Then Eochaid was overwhelmed by numbers, not in fair combat,
So his cairn is in Mag Rois, ***

19. Cairpri Cuanach came upon them, he killed a hundred men, a vigorous encounter,
He would have bragged about it to Conchobor, if the monstrous sea had not drowned him.

20. Cló came upon them in a rage, and slew a hundred of their army,
Although his physical strength was great, he found his grave through Cuchulainn.

21. Russ the son of Deda came upon them, he was of a strong and strong race,
To avenge their heroes the warriors of Ulster shot him down.

22. Then came Nemthes the druid, he knew what awaited him,
Four times ten men he killed, three times he did it again.

23. Forai of the Fenians came upon them, a man who did not lend itself to laughter,
Curly-haired Dedornd came along and robbed the armies of glory.

24. Ferdoman arrived, he fought a battle, he carried out a terrible slaughter,
In fair combat, he cut off the hand of Fiachaig son of Conchobar.

25. The son of Riangabra came upon them, Ingeilt was his glorious name,
He laid Carpre the son of Conchobor under the bitter waves of the salty sea.

26. Lugaid and Loégairé fought a fight more fierce than two crows,
He leaves his chariot to his hero and his coachman in his enclosure.

27. Loégairé cried out to the army ***
"Let us not give the warrior a fair fight, to see if we avenge our misfortune. "

28. Fergus curbed his insolence, lest the army kill him,
So he got a fair fight against the famous warriors of Ulster.

29. Three twenty days he was in the field, every day a man (fell) by his skill,
These were his *** until the Eraind arrived.

30. Then came the Eraind according to the will of their king ***,
Seven thousand seven hundred and seven twenty thousand.

31. *** on Mag Enaig, this was where the fight took place.
They were driven back against the silver rocks, from which the chariot-fighting comes.

32. On a slope covered with graves they cried out, and there the armies met,
It's the name that's on it, not just that.

33. Truly distressing is the meeting of Blathnait and Ferchertne,
The graves of both are in the Land of Cindbera above the promontory.

34. I see the three cows of Echda, it is not slowly that they walk through the swamps,
I see a noble warrior (?) ***, I see troops of horses of all colors.

35. I see coracles along a river, I see enemies that are captured,
I see an army through a big house, I see a warrior who must not be challenged.

36. Atchiu juniper hui Nessa cessation fri fiansa forbair
diasnad Hériu ergair, atciu-SA Hi cowgail. Atchiu.