Pope Saint Lin

Saint Lin was the second pope in history. He lived in the smallholding of Cabrils, currently annexed to Talau, parish of Ayguatebia. One day when he was plowing, ambassadors from Rome came to announce to him that he was designated to be the successor of the reigning pontiff, who was seriously ill. - "I will not believe in your mission, says Saint Lin, until this spur is covered with flowers and fruits. Instantly the sting was covered with flowers and fruits.

Pope Saint Lin


He continued. “I will only believe in your mission if I come out of the place and touch a spring of clear, lively and fresh water. Instantly the spring gushed forth. Convinced this time, he brought his oxen back to the farm, said goodbye to his mother (who lived in Marcevol) and followed the Roman ambassadors.

Indeed, he was elected pope. His mother came to Rome to see him. As you might imagine, she was dressed like the peasant women of Conflent, black velvet bodice, coarse woolen skirt, bonnet Catalan, coarse shoe. The courtiers made her put on a superb costume, in the fashion of Roman ladies. Lin received her mother and said, “I don't recognize this woman; that one takes away from him this vanity which suits him so badly. Thus was done, and a few moments later the pope was in the arms of his mother, whom he kissed affectionately.

To be a little more consistent with history, it should be noted that St Lin, the 2nd pope, was the successor of St Peter, during the Ier century. A time during which, of course, Christianity had not arrived in Ayguatebia. (It will take 8 centuries to get there) Besides, no Catalan village still existed. This legend is an amalgam with a true story: Ayguatebia is the birthplace of St Ermengol, who is invoked against drought. This illustrious character, living during the tenth century, was bishop of Urgell.