The rules of Aradia

By becoming Strega or Stregone, you personally agree to abide by these few Aradia rules, which have been dictated by Aradia.

The rules of Aradia

The rules of Aradia

Observe, participate, meditate in each Treguenda, for in the unity of all these festivals is the basis of the power of the Stregheria.

If good is done to you, you must return it. If anyone wants to thank you for your kindness / kindness, tell them they need to help three more then; this will remove all karmic debt.

Do not use the arts of Stregheria to appear powerful in front of others, to brag.

Do not lower the standards of art and thereby bring contempt for ancient spiritualities.

Do not take life from anything, even if you believe that a being is useless: everything that exists is used and is of equal importance in the cycle of life.

Do not swear on your honor lightly, because you are bound by your words and by your oaths.

Do not lower yourself before any authority except that of the Gods. Instead, cooperate, but always ensure that you respect yourself and uphold your honor.

Be respectful of others and you can expect them to respect you.

Teach what you know to all who seem worthy and thus facilitate the continuation of the practice of the old religion.

Don't belittle or belittle another person's religious belief, just state your own truths. Try to be at peace with those whose beliefs differ from yours.

Do not harm or harm anyone except in your own defense or that of another.

Be compassionate to others, all people have a heart and soul and are sensitive and in need of support.

Be real, be yourself, don't do anything that goes against your own values, your personality, stay away from what can be noticeable to you, from what opposes you.

Worship everything in Nature. Do not destroy anything, do not waste anything. Live in harmony with nature, because Nature's way is our way.

Leave your heart and mind open to the Creators, as well as to your human sisters and brothers.