Yezidi theology

The theology Yazidi was often described as a warlock by the aggressors of the Kurdish peoples. It is important to restore the truth about their worship.

Yezidi theology

The Yezidi believe in one God (Xwede) who created the universe and then left it in the able hands of his seven most powerful angels. God is uninterested in earthly affairs, though he is all forgiving and merciful. He left the running of the world to the government of Tawsi Melek (the peacock angel) who is both his servant and an occasional manifestation of himself. There is some sort of idea of a trinity in the form of the peacock angel, Sultan Ezi (a young man) and Sheik Adi (an older man and reformer of the Yazidi faith). This idea of "trinity" is not necessarily accepted by all Yazidis.

The central figure of the Yezidi faith is this Tawsi Melek. The peacock angel is also at the center of most controversies between the Yezidi and Abrahamic religions. Tawsi Melek is believed to be the Yazidis' direct link to God. They pray to and revere him as God, although they recognize a distinction between the two. Some would call the peacock angel God's “alter ego”.

yazidi theology

Is the Peacock Angel really Satan?

In their mythology, Tawsi Melek “rebelled” against God by refusing to worship Adam as God commanded. He claimed that only God was worthy of worship. As a result, Tawsi Melek was cast out by the other six ruling angels, but was later restored to his position of authority over them all when God intervened in the disagreement. He was honored for his faithfulness to God.

It is this story that leads surrounding religious sects to view Yazidis as Satan worshippers. The fact that Tawsi Melek is also known as Azazil or Iblis doesn't help either. However, modern Yazidis are careful not to use this name in reference to the peacock angel, due to the enormous amount of persecution they suffered in the past.

They don't see Tawsi Melek as a fallen angel, but as someone who has always been righteous and who has been wrongfully persecuted. Just like themselves. They see the fallen and restored angel as their protector, advocate, and friend. He enlightened them about the works and ways of God, and they are grateful.

What about the other six angels?

Of the other six angels ruling the earth, three are considered "mysteries", which means the Yazidis themselves are unsure of their role on earth. The other three roughly correspond to the archangels mentioned in the Abrahamic religions. God's messenger to prophets and true believers is Jibra'il. Israf'il stands before God and blows the trumpet to announce his words. Finally, Ezra'il is considered the angel of death.

How to become a Yazidi?

There is not much to be said in Yazidism about sin or reconciliation with God. The Yazidis believe they are a people distinct from all others who walk the earth. They see themselves as born only of Adam, not Adam and Eve, and so to marry or commune with a non-Yazidi is to lose the purity of their race. One cannot convert to Yezidism, but one can certainly and irrevocably move away from it. They believe in the eternity of the soul, but not necessarily in heaven. Instead, souls transmigrate or reincarnate, presumably back into the Yazidi community.