Llud and Llevelys

Llud and Llevelys llud

Beli the Great, son of Manogan, had three sons: Lludd, Kasswallawn and Nynnyaw; according to the story, he even had a fourth, Llevelys. After Beli's death, the kingdom of Brittany returned to Lludd, his eldest son. he ruled it prosperously, renewed the walls of Llundein (London) and surrounded them with innumerable towers. Then he ordered all the citizens to build houses there such as there were none so high in the other kingdoms.

Llud and Llevelys

Llud and Llevelys

He was also a good warrior; he was generous, widely distributing food and drink to all who asked. Although he had many fortified towns and cities, this was the one he preferred; he spent most of the year there. That's why she was called Kaer Lludd; in the end, she was called Kaer Lundein; it was after it had been invaded by a foreign nation that it took the name of Llundein or Llwndrys. The one of all his brothers whom he loved the best was Llevelys, because he was a prudent and wise man.

Llevelys having learned that the King of France had died with no other heir than a daughter and that he had left all his estates in his hands, came to his brother Lludd to ask him for advice and support; he thought less of his own interests than of the increase in honor, elevation and dignity which would result from it for their race if he could go to the kingdom of France to ask for this young heiress as a wife.

His brother agreed with him on the spot and approved his plan. immediately ships were equipped and filled with armed knights, and Llevelys left for France. Immediately disembarked. they sent messengers to the nobles of France to explain to them the object of their expedition. After deliberation, by mutual agreement, the nobles and chiefs of the country gave Llevelys the young girl with the crown of France. Since then, he has not ceased to govern his States with prudence, wisdom and happiness until the end of his life.

A certain time had already passed when three plagues fell on the island of Brittany, such as had never been seen before. The first was a particular race called the Corannyeit: such was their knowledge that there was not a conversation taking place over the entire surface of the island, however low one spoke, that they did not know, if the wind came to surprise her; so that they could not be harmed.

The second plague was a great cry that was heard every night of the first may above every hearth in the Isle of Britain; it passed through the hearts of humans and caused them such fright that men lost their color and their strength; women, children in their womb; young men and young women, their reason. Animals, trees, earth, waters all remained sterile. This is what the third scourge consisted of: it was no use collecting provisions in the king's courts, had there been food and drink for a year, we had only what was consumed on the first night.

The first plague spread out in broad daylight, but there was no one to know the cause of the other two, so there was more hope of getting rid of the first than the second or third. King Lludd became very worried and uneasy about it, not knowing how he could get rid of it. He summoned all the nobles from his estates and asked them for their advice on the measures to be taken against these plagues. On the unanimous advice of his nobles, Lludd, son of Belize reeled off to go to Llevelys, king of Fringes who was known for the excellence of his advice and his wisdom to seek his advice.

They prepared a fleet, and that in quiet secrets. lest the reason for their expedition be known to the invaders, or to anyone except the king and the councilors. When they were ready, Lludd and those he had chosen embarked and began to ply the waves in the direction of France. On learning of the approach of this fleet, Llevelys, who did not know the cause of his brother's expedition, advanced from the opposite shore to his encounter with a very large fleet.

What Lludd saw left all his ships off, except one he boarded to meet his brother. He also met him with one ship. Immediately reunited. they embraced and greeted each other with fraternal tenderness. Lludd explained to his brother the reason for his expedition; Llevelys replied that he knew the reasons for his trip to this country. They arranged to find another way of talking about their business, so that the wind could not get to their words and the Corannyeit could not know what to say.

Llevelys therefore had a large brass horn made, and it was through this horn that they conversed. But whatever one of them might say to the other, she only told him disagreeable comments in the opposite direction. Llevelys seeing that the devil was getting in the way and causing trouble through the horn! had wine poured into it, washed it and drove out the devil by virtue of the wine.

When they could talk without hindrance, Llevelys told his brother that he would give him certain insects of which he would keep a part alive in order to perpetuate the race in case the same plague occurred a second time, and of which he would crush. the rest in water. He assured her that this was a good way to destroy the Corannyeit race, here's how:

As soon as he arrived in his kingdom, he would bring together all his own people, and the nation of the Corannyeit, in a single blanket, under the pretext of making peace between them. When they were all reunited, he would take this wonderful water and pour out on everyone indiscriminately. Llevelys assured that this water would poison the Corannyeit race, but that it would not kill or harm anyone in his own nation. As for the second plague of your States, "he added," it is a dragon. A dragon of an alien race fights with him, and seeks to defeat him.

This is why your dragon gives you a frightening cry. Here's how you'll find out. On your return home, let me measure this island up and down: at the place where you will find exactly the central point of the island, have a hole dug, have a vat full of mead placed there, the best that you can find. one can do, and cover the tank with a coat of brocade. With that done, watch yourself, in person, and you will see the dragons fighting in the form of spooky animals.

They will eventually appear in the air in the form of dragons, and ultimately when they are exhausted from a furious and terrible fight, they will fall on the mantle in the form of two hogs; they will sink in with the mantle, and will pull it with them to the bottom of the vat; they will drink all the mead and then fall asleep.

So, fold the cloak all around them, have them buried, locked in a stone chest, in the strongest place of your states, and hide them well in the earth. As long as they are in this stronghold, no invasion will come from elsewhere in the island of Brittany. This is the cause of the third plague. It is a mighty magician who takes away your food, your drink, and your provisions; by his magic and his charms he makes everyone sleep.

Also you will have to watch in person over the dishes of your banquets and your provisions. So he can't get you to sleep, have a tub full of water next to you. When you feel that sleep takes hold of you. Throw yourself in the tank. " 

Lludd then returned to his country. He immediately invited all his people and those of the Corannyeit to meet with him. Following Llevelys' instructions, he crushed the insects in water, and threw the water indiscriminately on all of them. Immediately the entire Corannyeit tribe was destroyed, without any of the Bretons suffered the slightest harm. Some time later, Lludd had the island of Britain measured lengthwise and broadside. He found the central point at Rytychen (Oxford). He had a hole dug there, and placed in the hole a vat full of the best mead that could be made, with a brocade coat over it.

He himself watched over that night. While he was thus on the lookout, he saw the dragons fighting. When they were tired and could not take it any more, they descended on the mantle and dragged it with them to the bottom of the tank. After they finished drinking the mead, they fell asleep. While they slept, Lludd folded the cloak around them and buried them. locked in a stone chest, in the safest place he found in the mountains of Eryri. Dinas Emreis was called from there; previously it was called Dinas Ffaraon Dandde. Thus ended this violent cry which troubled the whole kingdom.

This done, King Lludd had a huge feast prepared. When all was ready, he had a vat full of cold water placed beside him, and he watched in person beside him While he was thus fully armed, towards the third watch of the night he heard many charming tales and extraordinary, varied music, and he felt he could not resist sleep.

Rather than allow himself to be stopped in his project and conquered by sleep, he threw himself into the water several times. At last a very tall man, covered with heavy and solid weapons, entered, carrying a basket, and began to pile up, as he was used to, all the provisions of food and drink.

Then he proceeded to go out with the whole thing. What surprised Lludd the most was that so much could fit in the basket. Lludd rushed after him and said, "Wait, wait. If you have done me many affronts and caused many losses, from now on you will not do it again, unless the weapons decide that you are stronger and more valiant than me. The man immediately put the basket on the ground and waited for him. A furious fight ensued between them: sparks leapt from their weapons. At the end, Lludd grabs him; fate willed that the victory remained to him; he knocked the oppressor down on the ground beneath him.

Defeated by the strength and valor of Lludd, he asked him thank you. How, "said the king," could I give you thanks after all the losses and the affronts I have suffered from you? »» All that I made you lose «, he answered» I will be able to compensate you completely. I will no longer trust anything like it, and I will henceforth be a faithful vassal for you ". The king agreed. This is how Lludd freed the island of Brittany from these three scourges. From there until the end of his life Lludd, son of Beli, ruled the island of Brittany in peace and prosperity.

This tale is known as The Adventure of Lludd and Llevelys. This is how it ends.